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From the creators of  TradesVizTradesViz , The most versatile online trading journal.

We wanted to create not just a tool that helps traders easily analyze on their performance after trading but also to help prepare for a trading day and to find the best trading opportunities using EZstockscreener.

Stock screening can be easy.

Build screeners

Easy to use query builder with 50+ indicators allows you to create limitless combinations of scans!

Execute screeners

Runs your scanners on exchanges all over the world!

Manage watchlists

Don't missing a single opportunity! Save all your scanner results and easily organize them using tags!

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NEW Intuivitive fundamentals screener
with 150+ metrics

Truly All-in-One

Balance sheet, cash flow, income statement. We have every single fundamental metric a stock can have! All of this is in addition to our extensive 70+ technical indicator list.

Still learning?

Don't worry! Our dedicated metrics page has definition for every single stat we have. In addition to the screener, you can also individually visualize 100+ fundamental metrics for any equity separately on your dashboard.

70+ Techncial Indicators
150+ Fundamental Metrics
Limitless possibilities.

Create custom screeners utilizing easy to build query-based screeners
for both technical and fundamental metrics of any stock!
Find stocks not only to trade everday, but also to invest in longer terms with fundamental screener.
Example 01

Stocks that have gapped up more than 10% in the last 3 days with increase in volume

[CHANGE(close, change_by=10, change_type='perc', period=3)]
AND [TREND(volume, period=3, direction='increasing')]
Example 02

Stocks where an MACD crossover just happened and the close price is below $20

[MACD_LINE(close, 12, 26, 9) ≥ MACD_SIGNAL(close, 12, 26, 9)]
AND [close < 20]
Example 02

Stocks where 20-Period SMA just crossed above the 200-Period SMA and with a True Strength index above TSI signal and close price is lesser than $100

[CROSSED(SMA(20), SMA(200), direction='above')]
AND [close < 100]
Example 02

Stocks where the price is touching the upper Bollinger band and the 14-period ATR is above 5 and 12-period RSI just crossed above 20 and close is between $100 and $200

AND [ATR(14) > 5]
AND [CROSSED(RSI(12), 20, direction='above')]
AND [close > 100]
AND [close < 200]

Nestable indicators

SMA of RSI? or MACD of volume? Whatever your conditions may be, each indicator function can take any other indicator as input - the possibilities of derived and complex indicators are truly endless!

Combine any set of indicator

Indicators nearing a level, crossing or intersection, linear regression slopes all of these compound functions can be used in conjunction with any indicators to reveal technical trends

Customize every parameter

MA type of Bollinger bands, period of fast and slow lines of MACD, input of ATR - everything is customizable! Every indicator is just a function. You have full freedom to choose exactly what input you want to give it!

Simple watchlist

Quick view charts and searchable symbols

View full chart of any symbol in any of your watchlist easily. Search for symbols within any of your watchlist using the table search feature.

Management features

Add selected stocks from screener results to your watchlist or add the entire list as a new watchlist and edit them later.
watchlist watchlist
watchlist watchlist

All your screeners
in one place.

  • Add tags and organize all your screeners
  • Edit/save any screeners for future reference
  • Use base screeners for every scan you perform
  • Search among your screeners using our interactive tables

Easily backtest
your strategies.

Build custom entry and exit signal screeners

Use the full power of the highly flexible query builder to make your entry and exit strategies and run them on up to 10 years of stock data across all exchanges and countries.

View summary

Easily view total % changes for all the trades where both entry and exit signals were generated
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Currently supported markets


United States
(NASDAQ, NYSE, etc.,)








Always updated data, indicators and support for query building.
The best cost-per-feature online screener with the most extensive market coverage!
Monthly Yearly Save 50%

  • Unlimited screener possibilities
  • 70+ technical indicators, 150+ fundamental metrics
  • Combine technical & fundamental screeners
  • Save all your screeners
  • Watchlist management features
  • Strategy backtesting features
  • Query building support
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Can I request more indicators?

Absolutely. We are always adding more indicators to our collection! Just send us your request with details about the indicator to our email ([email protected]).

Are you planning on adding more exchanges?

Yes. This depends on demand for a particular exchange/country from our users. If you have any specific requests, get in touch with us!

Do you support intraday screening?

No. At the moment we only run scans on end-of-day data. All stocks data for a particular day are updated 1-2 hrs after the market close each day.

Will you provide support for building screeners?

Yes! If you have any ideas of screener you'd like to build in EZstockscreener and need assistance, please contact us! We'll do our best to help you create the screeners you need.

What indicators/metrics for screening are available?

You can check our full technical indicators and functions list here and the fundamental metrics list here.

Can I use fundamental and technical screeners together?

Yes! You can save every screener you create and create combined screeners using both technical and fundamental screeners.

Don't miss any opportunities!

Searching for good stocks to trade is like looking for a needle in the haystack.
Save hours of your time every day by creating scanners that do the work for you!

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